Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Highlights - Trinity Test

16 July 1945

At 05:29 Mt War Time, the human race was brought into the Nuclear Age with the successful test of the world's first atomic bomb.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Photo of the Day - USAF Uniforms of the 1960s (White Overalls)

14 Jun 2014

In yet another installment of "USAF Uniforms," today's rant shows the outfit of the discerning Atlas missile crew member. The photo above shows the outfit that the Atlas and Titan force used during the 1960s. I got a strange vibe when I saw this - watch the first 10 minutes of "Inside Man," with Clive Owen. You'll get a sense of how useful these outfits can be... if you're robbing a bank.

For some reasons I have a strange urge to put up aluminum siding on my house, to prevent a crew like this from having to paint it. What was the actual reason in giving these uniforms to missileers? The dirtiest method of warfare yet devised (e.g. nuclear and/or radiological), and we give the practitioners the cleanest (virginal?) uniforms possible.

Imagine having to clean off the stains of starting World War III...blood and guilt, not to mention fallout and nasty smudges of charred human flesh.

Ay, there's the Rub.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rambling Rant - Congrats, you totally suck at your job...

14 Jun 2014

So, I'm gonna post a link to a picture, and a statement underneath said picture.
Don't read too much into either - its written in English.

Congrats IPV - you officially suck at your job.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Image of the Day - Silence is Coming during the Full Moon

13 Jun 2014

In honor of the Full Moon that falls on Friday the 13th...

Posted on the Hour of the Wolf.

Deployment Flashback - "Bring the Noise!"

13 Jun 2014
I'm sitting at my desk today, in the basement of a building that once held rocket fuel and some big-ass boosters, and my mind wanders because of a brief chord progression I hear on the television. The music takes me back to Fall/Winter 2010-2011... when the best possible use the Air Force had for me, was placing me as a target on the edge of an airfield in Afghanistan. Thoughts of wasted time, wasted energy (literally), and two particular wastes-of-human-skin came flooding back. 
Before my PTSD kicked into high gear, I remembered what kept me calm throughout many, many hours of *not* getting to shoot anyone: Guitar Hero. 

The television we had in the Admin area was of decent size, but there really wasn't a place to stand by the couch. As a G. Hero novice, I felt the need to stand while pressing colored buttons on the 'axe. No pat solution? No problem - adapt and overcome. Didn't take much to step up... on the coffee table. Perfect platform for plucking plastic pieces, with a whammy bar. Gorillaz "Feel Good, Inc.," Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower," and of course, Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise." 

Yeah, I sucked at playing all of those songs. I didn't receive the G.Hero training that my Thule-based coworkers did (picture this: an airbase past the Arctic Circle where there really is nothing... but beer, porn, lesbian Danish contractors, and plenty of hours to play Guitar Hero). 

Our time on that mountaintop in Afghanistan was a waste in many aspects. Not the least of which was my lack of G.Hero skillz and damaged relationship with my (then) newborn child. Hey Afghanis, you're f-ing welcome.

In honor of Chuck D, Zack Wylde, Bull, Peanut, St. Jimmy, Reaper, and Steve - here's a YouTube video for y'all:

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Photo of the Day - Soldiers at White Sands National Monument

12 Jun 2014

I would say these are less than elite troops, due to their apparent rapid motion (e.g. running) through the sand dunes... wearing garrison caps, not helmets. Check out the third from the right - looks like he's aiming right at the cameraman.

If the Cub Scouts were armed, they would look like these guys.